The Perfect Pool Finish

If you’re looking for a pool finish that provides a seamless, joint-free surface, TopCrete 711 Crystal Topping is the perfect choice. Unlike mosaics and ceramic tiles that interrupt the flow of water with their grout lines, TopCrete 711 complements the continuity of water with a finish that is free of regular joints across walls and floors.

Seamless Finish Enriched With Glass Beads

Installed directly on the pool’s concrete shell, TopCrete Pool Renders offer a seamless finish enriched with glimmering glass beads in an endless variety of colors to create any mood or theme. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful and serene setting or a fun and vibrant atmosphere, TopCrete 711 can be tailored to your preferences.

Formulated for the Harshest Pool Environments

TopCrete 711 was formulated with special additives that are ideal for the harsh chemical environment of chlorinated pools. Unlike traditional pool plaster mixes and field-mixed plasters, TopCrete 711 offers outstanding physical properties that make it suitable for both inside and outside water applications, including pedestrian traffic. Its excellent workability ensures a consistent and appealing finish appearance.

Choose Your Own Aggregates

With TopCrete 711, you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of colorful glass aggregates to create the desired effect for your water feature. Glass beads, fine crushed glass, Mother of Pearl, and quartz can be mixed in various combinations to create a glamorous and appealing look that is unique to your pool. If you’re looking for finishes with quartz and natural aggregates only, please check out our TopCrete 700 Exposed Aggregate Topping.

Pool Renders Typical Section

Sealer Coat: A-Z Ultra Sealer,

Water proofing coat (for underwater application) ProofCrete 709 / ProofCrete 710

Concrete Substrate