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Revolutionize Your Wall Finishes with ArtCrete Renders

Revolutionize Your Wall Finishes with ArtCrete RendersIf you’re looking for a wall finish that combines durability, flexibility, and versatility, look no further than ArtCrete Renders. For too long, builders have had to choose between the strength and weatherability of cement-based colored plaster or the ease of use and flexibility of acrylic-based finishes. But with ArtCrete’s unique formulation, you can have the best of both worlds.

The Advantages of Polymer Modification in ArtCrete Renders

ArtCrete Renders utilize polymer modification to create a flexible, crack-resistant, self-curing, and highly adhesive cement-based plaster. These are properties that were once only achievable with acrylic renders. But ArtCrete’s unique formulation combines the benefits of both cement-based and acrylic finishes, resulting in a durable, weather-able, and breathable finish that can last the life of the building.

Limitless Possibilities with ArtCrete Renders

Thanks to their unique properties, ArtCrete Renders offer endless possibilities for wall finishes. They can be used to create modern-looking polished finishes or highly textured heritage finishes, all with a thin application of just a few millimeters. And they can be directly applied to fair-faced surfaces, precast concrete panels, plaster boards, and more. Renovating your building’s walls? ArtCrete Renders are ideal for thin applications, making them the perfect choice for renovation projects.

Easy to Apply and Work With

Not only are ArtCrete Renders versatile, but they are also incredibly easy to apply and work with. The polymer modification produces physical properties previously unattainable, while the formulations utilize fine, high-strength aggregates for unbelievable workability and ease of use. With ArtCrete Renders, the finishes you can achieve are only limited by your imagination.

Coloured Plaster/ ArtCrete Typical Section​

ArtCrete 3-Coat System

ArtCrete 4-Coat System

Moisturized Coat: ProofCrete 710

Keying coat: DashCrete

Finish / Body Coat:  ArtCrete 700

ArtCrete Plus System